04.07. - 02.09.
For the time, Bad Gasteins „Biennale" will enchant art fans, collectors and art dealer from all over the globe. º


19.07. - 18.08.
Discover art & become an artist yourself - workshops in photography, painting, printing. º


09.06. - 16.09.
Since the century Bad Gastein has been cultivating the tradition of summer concerts, from classical music to jazz. º


Entlang des Talbodens in Sportgastein mit Nationlpark-Ranger Hans und Einkehr auf einer Alm. º


Andrea Goetz Schwanenfliess

Our„Biennale“ SOMMER.FRISCHE.KUNST is becoming bigger & better!

Once again, many international artists are exhibiting in Bad Gastein. To name just a few: Anna Maja Spiess, Clemens Hollerer, Frederike von Cranach, Magda Krawcewicz, Naneci Yurdagül, Simon Modersohn, Andreas Mühe, Jonathan Meese, Martin Ogolter, Victor Ash, Miriam Jonas, Michael Sailstorfer, Gerwald Rockenschaub ...

Martin Ogolter Artist
Andres Mühle Artist
Drop BY Drop
Miriam Jonas Artist
Magda Krawcewicz Artist
Bad Gastein art Kunst Jorinde Voigt Clemens Höller
Magda Krawcewicz Kunst Martin Ogolter Kunst
Frederike von Cranach Artist

These Blogs love the REGINA

Munich &
the Mountains

Bad Gastein enthusiast Nadin Brendel talks about her beloved REGINA Hotel º

Dandy Diary

A night at the REGINA Hotel with Carl Jakob Haupt of Dandy Diary, David Baum of GQ and
a baroque bed º

Gutschera & Osthoff

A slightly diffrent view on Bad Gastein, radically in black and white, by this inspirational Photography couple from Berlin. º

Ludwick Beck...

The iconic department store from munich talks about Bad Gasteins small „Biennale“, Sommer.Frische.Kunst and our artist in residence program º

Misses Popisses...

enjoyed the interior and our culinary delights, but most of all she fell in love with our hotel dog Paul º


is visiting Bad Gastein -
the renowned marketing expert Mela is talking about her view on the town and the REGINA Hotel. º

Breuninger Magazin

This traditional Fashion House did not only produce a whole catalog in Bad Gastein; They sat us down for an interview. º


Bad Gastein became one of Austrias most important cultural destinations... º

and Bad Gastein

We lured Friedrich Lichtenstein to Bad Gastein for the first time in 2009 – this has had a deep impact on the artist: Every Christmas Lichtenstein has his legendary performance in the REGINA bar. Famous for being „Mr. Supergeil” (Mr. Superawesome), finally his new conceptual album
“Bad Gastein” is out now.

Buy Album now


» One of the biggest lucky strikes of the year «

Die Welt

» Friedrich Liechtenstein's Masterpiece «

Belgique, Belgique

FRIEDRICH LIECHTENSTEIN tries to explain a few things in GDANSK. Things which can not be explained. He takes the train to BAD GASTEIN. He wants to cure and heal himself there, just like the emperors, kings and stags of past times.

The bathing castle

» It is cold, we are alone.
This world is sad, evil and mean.
And daily there are fewer reasons not to be like this as well. Get in «

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