Monocle´s Escapist


» The REGINA -
an elegant boutique
Hotel «


» Meet the inn crowd in
a spa town having a
gentle makeover «

The international travel and lifestyle magazine
„The Escapist" features the REGINA Hotel and
BadGastein on eight full pages. We are covered equivalently with other exciting destinations such as Palermo, Montevideo, Hanoi, Lima, the Azores…


»The cool and urban design of the Regina Hotel is quite unusual for a little mountain village.»

»Metropolitan splendor in the middle of the mountains. A summery meeting place for artists, a melting pot for creative people»

»The “cool, new kid in town” among Bad Gastein´s hotels, younger and with a mindset of it´s own. More of a townhouse than a hotel, styles are skillfully mixed»

»Das Regina Hotel, Bad Gastein. An old-time palace hotel in the mountains, transformed not by vast amounts of money, but by the style and creativity of it´s owner and the energy of it´s crowd.»

»If you want to travel to Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, you better visit the REGINA Hotel - the place to be right now! »

»Bad Gastein reloaded – The visitor is greeted by a long stretched bar that could originate from the TV series Mad Men»

»Bad Gastein with it´s architectural legacy is unique worldwide!»

»Grand-Hotel on the outside, „Grandezza“ inside. Contemporary meets vintage, avant-garde meets elegance»

»Meet the inn crowd in a spa town having a gentle makeover»

»Better sleep extraordinary! The REGINA Hotel surprises with bohemian design.»

»How do you get the Canadian Electro-Clash-Diva “Peaches” into the Austrian Alps? With style!»

»Party Berliners making the REGINA Hotel their preferred lodging - perhaps because the DJ´s playing here come from Berlin as well»

»You´ll find guest amenities by the trendy New York based label „MALIN+GOETZ“ in the bathrooms»

»The bar of the REGINA Hotel is absolutely hip»

»The „Broken Hearts Club“ from Berlin came for a ski trip - sliding down the slopes combined with sliding on the dance floor! »

Süddeutsche Zeitung 66 Perfekte Hotels

Süddeutsche Zeitung published a new series of
Smart Travelling Guides called
„66 perfekte Hotels“ and apparently the
REGINA Hotel is one of them ;-)

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Jason Houzer, Creative Director at the REGINA Hotel,
interviewed about the hotel, our art festival
and the one of a kind architekture of Bad Gastein

Almost as hip as Berlin

writes the famous newspaper WELT AM SONNTAG.
Many thanks to Journalist Philip Kuhn for this very special article.

Apparently the morbid charme of Bad Gastein makes is so special

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Many thanks to David Baum, friend and regular at the
REGINA, for this wonderful column about the exciting
contrast of Bad Gastein.


Hip, Hipper, REGINA !

SCHÖNER WOHNEN about the REGINA Hotel in their Winter Retro look special


GEO SAISON says, The REGINA Hotel is one of the 100
best hotels in europe, and one of the 10 best alpine
hotels find out more…

Olaf Krohne

» I wanted to bring the cool of the city to
the mountains «

Hotel DAS REGINA - Karl Heinrich Waggerl Str. 5 - A-5640 Bad Gastein, Austria - T 43-(0)6434 – 2161 - mail: